High-Ends custom homes in the Sequim / Port Angeles Area

High-Ends custom homes in the Sequim / Port Angeles Area

We Specialize In High-End Custom Homes

We serve those looking for a home of distinguished quality and a premium build experience to match.
Over the decades we have built extravagant luxury homes with finishes like custom designer appliances, petrified tree countertops, even a home that could garage a personal helicopter. But - we have also built homes with more basic features, or even with economy type finishes. Since we are "custom", the types of homes we build are entirely dependent on the people we're building for.
When designing your home, you can adjust the size of your home, types of finishes, and budget. You can optimize two of those but always at the expense of the third. What doesn’t change however, no matter how you mix and match, are the seven disciplines listed below

How We Define High-End

"A premium service where the design, construction, and customer experience are priority".

There are seven disciplines we focus on to meet that mark.

  • Show Answer 1. Design Quality:
  • In short, it's you getting the most out of your dollar without compromising quality.

    It's evaluating scope of work and developing strategies to minimize construction costs while simultaneously planning each phase of construction and working to identify potential complications. Utilizing advanced technologies like BIM software (Building Information Modeling) and other resources allow us to be much more precise. When boots hit the ground, the result should be a well-rehearsed, well-oiled machine.

  • High-grade and high-performance building materials that are durable, satisfy the design objectives and come from reputable manufacturers that stand behind their products with good warranties.

    Examples would be the type of house wrap and roof underlayment (waterproofing materials), structural components, floor sheathing, framing lumber, insulation, HVAC equipment, windows etc.
  • Skillful installation of building materials that exceed industry standards, and following manufacture’s installation best practices so they withstand the elements for decades to come. There are many parts and assemblies of a home. By installing them correctly the home requires less long term maintenance and manufacture warranty requirements are met which provides homeowners extra assurance.
  • The ability to install a variety of finishes to a high-degree of precision in a manner that satisfies the design objectives and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • It's all about the client - builder relationship. Its being forthright, reliable, displaying an aptitude for the job at hand. Being technical, industrious, and organized. Maintaining good relationships with trade partners. It's advocating for the clients needs and desires.
  • Standing behind the work for many years to come and having warranty programs that offer the new homeowner assurance. In unlikely instances where a call back does occur, being available and responding quickly to address the issue makes all the difference.


High-end homes... Luxury homes... These terms are often thrown around interchangeably in the home building and real-estate industry with little to no context. These terms are relative, based on opinion, and market location. In our opinion, “Luxury home” is used to describe every home being built these days, so to differentiate markets, we believe “High-end” more accurately describes the level of service we offer.

What It's Not

"High-end" doesn’t mean having an unproportionate amount of nice-to-have things that cost lots of money. More often than not our clients have a finite budget they need to stick to. Whether it’s a $500k or $5m budget, we need to work to ensure your hard earned dollars go to places that will actually serve a purpose.


It’s as much about the home as it is the clients experience while building it.

Not everyone wants to work harder. We’re not everyone.

When you choose a Certified Home Builder* you’re partnering with a professional who has committed to performing at the highest level possible in our industry.
Make certain your builder measures up.


* A contractor registered in the State of Washington is not a Certified Builder. Certified Builder is an elective designation that offers you a more highly accredited building professional.