High-End custom homes in the Sequim / Port Angeles Area

High-End custom homes in the Sequim / Port Angeles Area

High-End Service Is Our Specialty

We serve those looking for a home of distinguished quality and a premium build experience to match.
Over the decades we have built extravagant luxury homes with finishes like custom designer appliances, petrified wood countertops, even a home that could garage a personal helicopter. But - we have also built homes with more basic features, or even with economy type finishes. Since we are "custom", the types of homes we build are entirely dependent on the people we're building for.
So when we say "high-end", it doesn't have to do with how fancy of a home we can build, rather it's specifically addressing our core focus...
A premium service where the design, construction, and customer experience are priority. 
When designing your home, you can adjust the size of your home, types of finishes, and budget. You can optimize two of those but always at the expense of the third. What doesn’t change however, are these seven core disciplines...



Seven Disciplines of a High-End Service

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  • In short, figuring out how to build your home as cost efficiently as possible so you get the most out of your dollar without compromising your priorities.
  • Using cost efficient high-performance building materials throughout your home that...
    - Greatly reduce seasonal heating/cooling bills.
    - Superior structural components that protect your investment from extreme wind or seismic events.
    - Provide the best protection from rot, mildew, and pest infestations.
    - Require minimal maintenance, if any at all.
    - Come from reputable manufacturers that stand behind their products with good warranties.

    All this so you can have peace of mind for many many year to come.
  • Even the best building materials will fail if not installed correctly. Therefore, your team carefully installs all structural and weatherproofing materials in a manner that exceeds industry and manufactures standards. Seeing your home constructed in such a way will provide peace of mind that it was built to last.
  • The ability to install a variety of finishes to a high-degree of precision in a manner that satisfies your design objectives and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • It's all about the client - builder relationship. It's communication, it’s being forthright, reliable, displaying an aptitude for the job at hand. Being technical, industrious, and organized. Maintaining good relationships with trade partners. It's advocating for your needs and desires.
  • Standing behind the work for many years to come and having warranty programs that offer you extra assurance. In unlikely instances where a call back does occur, being available and responding quickly to address an issue makes all the difference.


It’s as much about the home as it is the clients experience while building it & living in it for many years to come. 

Not everyone wants to work harder. We’re not everyone.

When you choose a Certified Home Builder* you’re partnering with a professional who has committed to performing at the highest level possible in our industry.
Make certain your builder measures up.


* A contractor registered in the State of Washington is not a Certified Builder. Certified Builder is an elective designation that offers you a more highly accredited building professional.