Meet Your Team

Meet Your Team


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Noel Carey Noel Carey
Noel Carey


He designs here. He can always find a way to improve your drawings. In his semi-retirement you can find him sailing, biking, and visiting family.

Lex Morgan Lex Morgan
Lex Morgan


He works here, mostly with numbers. Official office grammar/spelling controller and has a degree in physics. In his semi-retirement he loves being with his granddaughter and traveling.

Justin Boatright Justin Boatright
Justin Boatright

Owner / Design Director

The problem solver and the guy who loves bullet points. If not in the office he is likely on the water, fishing.

Bergen Boatright Bergen Boatright
Bergen Boatright

Owner / Office Manager

Office manager and official birthday celebrator. Enjoys all things flowers.

Leon Boatright Leon Boatright
Leon Boatright

Gen 3

His family owns the business, he is here mostly for the snacks

Matt Smith Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Project Director / Lead Estimator

So much more than just a title. Loves coffee and riding his motorcycle.

Dave Huswick Dave Huswick
Dave Huswick

Project Manager

Keeps your projects running smoothly. A true genuine outdoorsman.

Carl McIntyre Carl McIntyre
Carl McIntyre

Lead Carpenter

Master carpenter and snowboards in the winter.

Bryce Williams Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams


Has a doctorate but would rather be in the outdoors. He hikes all throughout the Northwest.

If you want take a walk down memory lane of the styles of the 90s and 2000s, Cornerstone has a historic page of most of all the years in business.


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